I am a writer who is also a mom.

And on other days, I am a mom who is also a writer.

They are equal parts of who I am and I work to keep that balance in my life. I have two young boys at home who demand the majority of my time, but I know that I cannot give my best to them if I am not at my best.

I am at my best when I am working on stories.

In 2020, the pandemic hit and I gave birth to my second child. My life was consumed with trying to stay afloat and one of the first things that got jettisoned was my writing time. And it took me far too long to realize this was a huge mistake. I have always needed writing in my life, especially during times of crisis, and I had to find my way back. And, with a lot of help, I did. Now I'm a writer and mom who loves stories and loves helping other moms find their way back to their life with words.

                                                                                  *The Experience/Credentials Stuff*

                                                                    I am an Author Accelerator Certified Fiction Book Coach.

                                                                    I am a published author with an MFA in Creative Writing.

                                                           I am a member of WFWA and Southern California Romance Writers.

                                                               I am a former high school English teacher (aka Grammar Nerd!)

Client Testimonials

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I coach moms who write.

I coach women who, like me, lost their creative spark in the days of early motherhood and are struggling to find a way back to it. I coach moms who had never thought of writing a book before and something in becoming a mother brought that creative desire into their life. I coach moms whose kids are now in school and they finally have time to write the book they've always wanted. I coach moms at all points in their novel-writing journey. And I specialize in coaching Contemporary Romance/RomComs and Women's Fiction.

I know the challenges that moms face when trying to pursue creative passions (hello Mom Guilt!). And I know how hard it can be to carve out those moments to work on the person you want to be outside of motherhood. Being a mom can be super isolating (especially in those early days/years). Being a writer is super isolating. I will be your partner in this journey.

Whether your book ends with a happily ever after, heartbreak, or somewhere in-between, I want to help you write the story that has captured your heart.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or you have a full-time job outside of the house, or some hybrid

in-between, I can help you figure out how to write the book you want with the life you have.

You are more than just a mom.

You are a writer!

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