M.A. Clancy was  interviewed about the writing life and her book,

The Burden of a Daughter, on the Women's Fiction Writers Association's podcast, Hear Us Roar. Click below to hear the full interview.

I am a writer of Upmarket Women's Fiction and Queer Contemporary Romance.

I have a BA in English/Creative Writing from Colorado College, an MFA from the University of Melbourne, and I worked as a high school English teacher before becoming a full-time writer and book coach.

I love travel and have lived and worked in Australia, Nepal, and the United States.

I now live with my family in California.

I am a member of Women's Fiction Writers Association and the Women's National Book Association.

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I am currently querying

Our Song

An Upmarket Contemporary Romance

When a song that reminds her of a past love does more than just bring back memories,

one woman journeys to find her way back to the life she knows. But what if it's not the life she wants?

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