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Megan A. Clancy

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Megan A. Clancy is a writer of literary and commercial fiction.

Her debut novel, The Burden of a Daughter, was published in 2018.

She has a BA in English from Colorado College, a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Melbourne, and worked as a teacher before becoming a full-time writer. She loves travel and has lived and worked in Australia, Nepal, and the United States. She lives with her husband and children in California.

Megan Clancy was  interviewed about the writing life and her book,

The Burden of a Daughter, on the Women's Fiction Writers Association's podcast, Hear Us Roar. Click below to hear the full interview.

August Logan is traveling to Canada on a vacation with her husband, Tucker and their baby girl, Millie. But just days in to her dream holiday, Tucker leaves without a trace, taking Millie with him. Alone in a foreign country, August desperately searches for her daughter and the man she thought she knew. But when the police come up with no leads, all eyes turn to August. Is she telling the truth?

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Just Let Me Die Here

(a psychological thriller novel)